A Six-man Tag For The Ages!!!

Word on the street is Wwe wants The Undertaker to face The Shield at Summerslam.
Here’s my take; I have no problem with this because any time The Undertaker is on the card it’s special but with that being said, I would rather see a Six-man Tag Team Match instead of a Handicapped Match.
The Undertaker’s partners in this match should be his brother Kane and Triple H because, all three of these men have had problems with The Shield in the past.


The following is a list of why Ryback sucks as a heel.
1. Ryback’s entrance gets no reaction from the crowd.
2. Ryback’s promo skills leave a lot to be desired he needs a manager like Paul Heymen to cut his promos.
3. Wwe turned Ryback heel on John Cena which was a very bad decision because, the crowd doesn’t like Cena which means that they will cheer Ryback.

Mayweather VS Guerrero Predictions!!!

Tonight’s WBC Welterwirght Title bout between Floyd Mayweather Junior and Robert Guerrero is an easy one to call.
Here’s my take;The Challenger, Guerrero will look to push the pace of the fight by coming forward and cutting the ring in half in hopes of trapping Mayweather in a corner.
If this is successful then, Guerrero will look to take away the speed of Mayweather by feeding a steady diet of jab and following up with some serious combination punches to his body which will enable Guerrero to get a knockout or decision victory.
On the other hand,The Champion, Mayweather will look to make Guerrero chase him around the ring and making him miss.
If this is successful then, Mayweather will look to overwhelm Guerrero with his superior handspeed by landing LOTS OF counter combination punches in hopes of knocking Guerrero out.
In closing, your winner and still WBC Welterweight Champion Floyd Mayweather Junior by TKO!